Practical Ideas for a Private BackYard Retreat

We are all entitled to enjoy the peace and quiet of our backyard in complete privacy. Even though we may love our neighbours, it's great to be able to step outside and wind down, without feeling the obligation for interaction. We are simply seeking a few moments of precious personal space.

Here are some simple suggestions for creating a private retreat in your back yard. A haven where you can block out unwanted scrutiny and where there is no need for communication if you are not in that frame of mind. Alternatively it can function as a centre for entertaining and enjoying company when the party mood arises.

Be Aware of Unexpected Invasions

We usually think of walls, screens, dividers and plants for doing the trick and blocking views when we wish to make privacy screens.

However, setting up that outdoor sanctuary has become a little more complex with recent developments in technology and can catch the unsuspecting householder unawares.

It is now necessary to carefully consider the area from an overhead aspect. You can be placed in an embarrassing situation, while peacefully enjoying your own backyard, as an unlucky Melbourne woman recently discovered.

A real estate drone accidentally captured her image as she was innocently sunbathing in her yard. The drone was in the process of filming an overhead view for the sale of a neighbouring property. Subsequently her image was displayed on all the advertising billboards.

With this incident in mind, you need to allow for a partially covered structure at the very minimum. This will prevent any unexpected surprises lurking in the skies. You can then be as creative as you desire to make your area both stylish and peaceful.

There are countless ways to set up imaginative spaces and transform plain patios and pergolas into serene and pleasant areas for quiet relaxation.

Plants are Your Friend

Apply the landscape gardener's technique and use of greenery of foliage to soften the harder lines of walls and timber structures and offer a more natural partition.

  • Use a trellis of an attractive climbing vine such as wisteria or star jasmine, which are striking and hardy varieties. Ornamental grape vines and ivy are also a popular choice. Edible grapes and kiwi fruit vines will serve both a functional and decorative purpose.

  • Create a hedge of evergreen shrubs with holly, dwarf box or glossy laurel to form an attractive border against a bare wall.

  • Set up a vertical garden to enhance the space. Not only will it create additional privacy it will provide a living wall of beautiful plants. Kits for establishing vertical gardens are readily available from your local nursery and are very easy to get going.

When you think about the space for entertaining and enjoying the company of friends, there are some simple ideas to give patios and pergolas a stylish transformation. Consider these ideas:

Choose Smart Patio Settings

You will need a dining setting that is large enough to accommodate your family and guests a lounge setting to comfortably relax after the food is done. Glass topped dining settings, or wicker, chrome and steel, together with a matching lounge provide that luxurious touch. Plenty of colourful cushions will add comfort to the stylish appearance.

Enhance your night time entertaining with attractive lighting. Choose from a range of attractive alternatives:

  • String some ropes of small white lights across the beams of your pergola to create a magical atmosphere.

  • Alternatively add built in lighting and place some small bulb fixtures at intervals across the pergola beams.

  • Maybe consider using hanging pergola lights to offer a unique style. Choose to install small fixtures in clusters to create ambience. Larger fixtures are perfect to hang directly over the dining table.

  • Install up-lights at ground level to create an attractive, soft and aesthetic atmosphere

    Now that you have some ideas for creating your own special space, you are free to enjoy it the way you wish. Sometimes it may be your haven for quiet, personal reflection time.  Quite often it will be for socializing and enjoying the company of friends. Whatever your needs you should always feel confident of your privacy in your own backyard , secure from neighbors and 'other unexpected invaders.

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