Two Tips For Painting A Picture Perfect Nursery

Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your child! Pregnancy is an exciting time for both parents, and it may feel like there a million little details that need to be taken care of before "push" day. Once the first trimester is done, it is time to think about decorating the nursery as this is when you will be at your most energetic. Here are two tips you need to know about painting and paint supplies for your nursery, so that you can keep your newborn calm and happy once they arrive home.

Colour Psychology

Let's talk about colour! Generally, most parents only make colour choices for a nursery based on gender. Everyone knows the traditional choice is blue for boys and pink for girls. However, are you are aware that there is psychology that can be used when thinking about nursery paint colour choices?

It has been scientifically determined in the past that colours can be used to alter the mood of a person. Based on this theory, here are three colours you should be using in your nursery, and the reasons why.

  • Pink. While you may naturally be considering pink for a girl's room, are you aware that pink is known to be a soothing colour?  It is also a colour that leads to anger reduction, which is a great choice for a colicky or fussy baby.
  • Yellow. Yellow is sunshine and happiness. People always brighten mentally when they are outside in the sun, and the same emotion can be stimulated by using yellow in a nursery.
  • Green. Green is another soothing colour choice. It is associated with relaxation and healing. This is a colour that invokes a natural high among people as it is linked with nature and being outdoors.

One colour you should definitely avoid is red. This colour invokes hostility when there is too much of it, and you don't want your new bundle of joy being overstimulated by this bright hue.

Paint Type

While it will be a little while yet before your baby is moving around the nursery and covering every surface with grubby little chubby fingers, choosing the right type of paint now means that you will not have to repaint the room in the next year or two.

Once you have chosen the colour for the nursery, you need to determine what type of finish it will be. You have to carefully consider which one is going to give you everything the room needs. These are your main choices:

  • Matte paint. Matte paint is the flat paint choice that has very little shine to it. While it is the hardest one to clean, it is the least glossy. This paint needs to be considered because it will not reflect light rays around the room. This is important when it is bedtime, and you are trying to get your little one to settle. Dark and dull will not overstimulate their senses, and that allows the child to sleep better.
  • Semi-gloss paint. Semi-gloss is one of the most popular choices as it is midway between the two paint finish extremes. It is not as shiny as a full gloss paint, but it is not as dull as the matte paint. You will be able to wipe some scuff marks off it, and it will also encourage some light reflection within the nursery.
  • Gloss paint. Gloss is at the other end of the spectrum to matte paint. It is the easiest to clean of all paint choices, but it also shows the most surface imperfections in your home. This paint should not be used in a room that has less than perfect walls in it.

No matter what type of paint you use, remember that you must wait a minimum of two weeks for it to completely dry and set before you attach those cute character wall decals to it. Even decals that are advertised as removable will damage paint that has not been allowed to fully cure.

While there should be no concerns about your health when you are thinking about paining a nursery while pregnant, there will be stretching, physical labour and paint fumes to consider. If these points are causing you angst, then it is best to hand this task over to a professional once you have made your colour and paint finish decisions. Then, they can get on with the hard work, while you continue working on the rest of the to-do list before baby's arrival.

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