Roof Damage From Birds: Advice For Business Owners

Australian business owners face several natural hazards that can cause serious damage to a roof. For instance, a large bird infestation is dirty and annoying, and if you don't do something about the problem, you could also face a significant roof repair bill. Learn more about the problems with your roof birds can cause, and find out what you can do to avoid the issue.

The problems birds can cause

A single bird may not seem like a serious threat to your business premises, but in larger numbers, these creatures can soon outlive their welcome. Certain bird habits can damage a roof over a surprisingly short period.

Bird droppings are not just inconvenient. For a commercial roof, this type of animal waste can cause serious problems. If a large flock of seagulls or pigeons decides to regularly land on your roof, the resulting droppings can get into drainpipes and gutters, leading to problems with dampness and structural integrity.

What's more, the acidity of these bird droppings can also corrode a metal roof. Over time, corrosion can leave you with a leaky roof, which will soon damage valuable stock and other items on your premises. The uric acid in bird waste can also ruin a painted roof.

Nesting birds can also cause problems. As well as the issue their droppings can cause, nesting birds will block gutters with the twigs and leaves they use to build a nest. What's more, when the birds move out, they don't take their nests and bedding with them. The material the birds leave behind can quickly become a fire hazard, particularly in parts of Australia where there is a recurrent risk of bush fires.

Preventing bird damage

If you want to avoid damage to your roof, you need to invest in one of several methods that will stop birds taking up residence on your property. There are various ways you can achieve this.

Gutter guards (or gutter mesh) can stop birds nesting in your gutters. The mesh forms a physical barrier over the gutter that stops pests getting in, without interfering with the flow of rainwater you need the gutter to deal with. The sloped design of the guard also makes sure that leaves blow off the roof, instead of clogging up the gutter. Other gutter guards (such as coils or brushes) will often deter birds, but other debris may still clog up the system.

If you become aware of birds in an attic or roof space, contact a commercial roofing specialist for help. He or she can quickly locate and block up possible entry points with netting or other types of physical barrier. This may take some precision. For example, to keep out house sparrows, you'll need to block up any entry point more than 2 centimeters wide. In most cases, the mere presence of the roofer will scare the birds away, but you may also need to consider help from a pest control specialist for a serious infestation.

Bird spikes are also a good deterrent. These simple devices use a series of vertical spikes that you fix to ledges and flat surfaces in strips. The spikes are perfectly humane because the birds can't ever land on the surface. It's easy enough to install the spikes, but a roofing specialist can also normally help you fit these simple deterrents.

A bird net is another effective deterrent that is particularly useful across a larger area. For example, if you have several chimneys or roof vents, birds can easily get inside the roof space. A large net will stop access to these areas, without blocking the emission of smoke or steam, as necessary.

A bird infestation can cause serious damage to a commercial roof. Talk to a commercial roofing specialist, such as those at A.C.R. Roofing Pty Ltd, for more information and advice.

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