A Few Considerations When Choosing Timber for a Floor

A wood or timber floor can be very attractive and timeless and can work with a wide range of designs and styles for a home. It can also be more hygienic than carpeting since it won't hold as much dust, dirt, and other debris. When choosing a timber type for any floor, note a few considerations to keep in mind so you're sure to get the right variety for your home.

Consider your living habits

A softwood can be very flexible and affordable, but it may not hold up against children, pets, and other such high-traffic situations. If your kids always have toys in a room with wood floors or you have dogs with long claws that may tear up the floor, you want to invest in a sturdy hardwood. If you cannot afford a solid wood, choose a hardwood veneer. This has a hardwood layer that is put over a layer of a more affordable plywood or even plasterboard. This gives you the look and durability of a hardwood without the price of a solid piece of wood.

Note the condition of your home's subfloors

If your home's subfloors are not completely level and even, which is not unusual, you may want a softwood that is more flexible than a hardwood. Softer woods may tend to shift and move more readily with the surface of your home's floor and as you walk over them, without chipping or cracking because of being hard and brittle. Bamboo is a good choice for these types of floors as it tends to be somewhat soft and moves very easily over an uneven surface.

Replacement factor

Eventually you will need to replace some of your hardwood floor, as it gets damaged or worn because of age. Note how expensive it may be to replace slats or areas of the floor, depending on the wood species you choose. Remember that your initial investment will not be your only cost for a timber floor, and consider if you can easily afford any replacement slats or pieces of your floor as they become necessary.


Of course the appearance of a wood floor is important to you, but you may be forgetting how the floor will appear when installed in your home. A wood with very little grain exposed and few variations in color will seem very monotone when installed over an entire floor, whereas a wood with lots of texture and rich grain may seem a bit busy once you have it installed. Rather than deciding the look you want based on a few slats or board, look at pictures of different wood floors after being installed so you know how different species of wood will look when spread out over any one area.

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