DIY Sauna Installation for Your Home Extension

One functional feature you could include when engaging in home extensions is the installation of a sauna. Saunas are known for their relaxation and would make a great addition to any home. In addition, engaging in this home extension can also increase the value of your residence. When installing an infrared sauna, you could opt to embark on a DIY project or have professional contractors erect it for you. Here are some tips to DIY sauna installation for your home extension.

Establish how big you would like your infrared sauna

The first thing you will need to do is to factor in the most appropriate size depending on the space you have as well as the number of people that would be using the infrared sauna at any given time. After you have decided on all this, look at the various infrared sauna kits in the market.

Have your installation tools ready at hand

Once you have bought your infrared sauna kit, go home and unpack it so that you can read the manual. You need to crosscheck that you have all the items in accordance with the manual. This is because different sauna kits will have their own individual installation instructions. You then need to fetch all the tools that you will need to assemble your infrared sauna kit. This will save you time and energy always looking for a certain tool at any particular stage of the assembly.

Begin installation of the infrared sauna from the ground up

When you start installing your infrared sauna kit, start from the bottom up. For this reason, locate the panel that will be the floor of your infrared sauna. Place this in the area that you have designated for your sauna. You should ensure that it is facing exactly as you want it. This means the front of the sauna is positioned exactly where you want the front to be and the same thing applies to the back of the sauna.

Enlist help to put up the sauna panels

You will then need to enlist the help of someone else so that you can start installing the panels. There should be some indentations on the floor panel that you will fit the front panel into. You will need to have someone holding up the panel as you do this with the front panel and all remaining three panels. Once you have all your walls assembled, install the bench warmer. Once you have plugged it in you can then install the sitting panel. The roof of your infrared sauna is then installed last.

For assistance with your extension, talk to a professional.

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