Why Drilling Fluids Are Essential To The Success Of HDD Jobs

Properly maintained and designed drilling fluids perform critical roles during well construction. The role they play certainly makes them a must have in any HDD project. Do you want to know why?

Here's what makes drilling fluids essential to the success of HDD jobs (horizontal directional) drilling:

Mitigates Risks to Drilling Equipment, Environment and Personnel

Drilling fluids need daily testing. They also require continuous monitoring by trained personnel. Safety hazards linked to handling of fluids are usually highlighted in the fluid's documents. Drilling fluids are scrutinized closely by regulatory agencies worldwide. This ensures the formulations in use conform to the regulations.

By using drilling fluids, you'll be able to protect your HDD system from the following:

  • Solids buildup
  • Saltwater flows
  • Influxes of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide
  • Gas or oil influxes
  • Extreme temperatures at either ends of a scale

Prevents Well-control Issues

Under the normal drilling conditions, hydrostatic pressure ought to exceed or balance the natural formation pressure in order to prevent an inflow of gas or any other formation fluids. If the fluid's pressure becomes heavy, the formation may break down. A reduction in hydrostatic pressure leads to a rise in pressured formation. Consequently, maintaining an appropriate fluid density for your wellbore pressure regime is important.

Preserves Wellbore Stability

When you maintain an optimal drilling-fluid density, you'll be able to contain formation pressures. You also prevent shale destabilization and hole collapse. The wellbore must be free of any tight spots and obstructions. That way, drill string is moveable freely in and out of a hole. The wellbore must be stable under static conditions as chasing runs to the bottom.

Transports Cuttings to the Surface

The primary function of drilling fluids is to transport drilled cutting to the surface. Suspension properties help the fluid meet this obligation. They help ensure commercial added solids and cuttings don't settle during the static intervals. Chemical properties help minimize or prevent dispersion of the drilled solids. Ultimately, you'll be able to remove them efficiently at the surface. The last thing you want is for the solids to disintegrate to ultrafine particles that damage the producing zone thus impeding drilling efficiency.

The horizontal directional industry is a major drilling discipline. By using drilling fluids in your project, you stand to benefit from an array of benefits. The above are just some of the reasons you should have the fluids in your horizontal directional drilling project.

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