4 Risks to Your AC During Storm Season

The rainy season can damage your air conditioning unit in several ways. This article discusses some of the risks that you should protect your unit from during the rainy season.

Critters Residing in the Unit

The rain may compel many tiny creatures, such as lizards and geckos, to seek shelter in your air conditioning unit. Some of those creatures may even ferry nesting materials into your AC unit. Such materials can inhibit the flow of air through the unit. Consequently, the system may overheat and become inefficient. Thorough cleaning can get rid of any critters residing inside the AC unit before serious damage is caused to the unit.

Debris Inside the Unit

Heavy rains are usually accompanied by strong winds. Those winds can blow different materials, such as tree leaves and twigs, into the unit. Some larger pieces of debris, such as disused garden furniture, can be thrown against the unit during rainy weather. This can cause dents to the unit. It may therefore be necessary to cover your unit just before rain starts falling so that debris is kept out of that unit.

Inundation of the Unit

Several inches of standing water around your air conditioning unit can spell doom for that unit. This is because the electrical system within the unit can be shorted by that flood water. The water can also trigger corrosion within the unit. It is therefore advisable to place the unit on a raised surface in case your property is prone to flooding during heavy rains. It is also good to turn off the electrical supply to the unit as it rains so that the electrical system is protected from shorting during the rain.


Some people can choose to cover the AC unit throughout the rainy season in order to prevent debris from getting into the unit. This creates the risk of humidity being trapped inside the unit. That humidity can trigger several problems, such as corrosion, mould and dry rot. It is therefore better for you to remove the cover on the unit as soon as it stops raining. This will have the added benefit of permitting the free flow of air through the unit.

Each season of the year comes with its own set of challenges for your AC system. It is prudent for you to engage an HVAC professional so that he or she ensures that your system is prepped for each coming season. Only then will you get the long life that you expect from the AC system that was installed in your home.

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