What you need to Know About Scissor Lifts to Hire the Right One

Scissor lifts are valuable pieces of equipment when doing construction. They have the ability of lifting humans and large, heavy objects at both high and low heights. Before you rent a scissor lift, you must understand the specific type of machine needed for your project, the training and certification necessary to operate the lift and the hiring cost. Get some knowledge on scissor lifts that will guide you on getting the right one for your construction project.

Understand the Various Types of Scissor Lifts

Before renting a scissor lift, it is necessary to know the various types that exist in the market.

Internal Battery Operated Scissor Lifts

Battery operated scissor lifts are ideal for enclosed environments. There is no emission of fumes hence creates a safe environment for workers. The lifts are designed narrow to make it easy to move between aisles. Electrical engineers and warehouse workers prefer this type of lifts because they are able to access better height in tighter locations that cannot be accessed by ladders and scaffolds.

Diesel Powered Exterior Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

These types of scissor lifts emit strong fumes due to burning diesel. They are designed in many sizes to accommodate diverse needs of the construction industry. They also come with reinforced tires for safe use on rough terrains. When renting one, you have to consider your platform size and the maximum height to be reached.

Hydraulic Scissor Lifts

Pressurized hydraulic oil powered scissor lifts are best for both indoor and outdoor use. Size may be a consideration in this case especially if you intend to use the scissor lift indoor. Scissor lifts that fit indoors may not offer the accessibility required outdoor.

Training and Certification

All employees working on the scissor lift must be trained and certified by a qualified institution. They must understand how to operate the scissor lift and the hazards that associate with its operation. Most training institutions will offer a completion certificate for scissor lift handlers.

Cost of Hiring the Scissor Lift

The hire charges of lift scissors mainly depend on their size. Hydraulic and exterior lifts are the most expensive compared to indoor ones. Hiring can be done either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis based on your project demands. Most hiring companies offer better deals when you rent a scissor lift for an extended period. Additionally, a small amount of added fee may be imposed because the lifts require pickup and delivery.

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