Why Timber Delivery Requests Should Be Timely

Are you planning a major construction project? Below are reasons why timber delivery companies need to properly schedule the delivery in a way that will not expose the environment and the roads to the likelihood of being damaged by the trucks carrying your consignment.

Analysing the Weather

Timber delivery companies usually consider the weather when they are planning to deliver a large consignment to a construction site. Adverse weather, such as rainy conditions, predispose the road to being damaged by the heavy vehicles. Adverse weather also increases the likelihood of accidents due to poor traction conditions. Making your order several weeks in advance allows the timber delivery company to select the days when the weather is appropriate for transporting that large consignment of timber.

Selecting the Best Hours of the Day

Placing your order in time also allows the timber delivery company to time the movement of their trucks so that they don't coincide with inconvenient times of the day. For example, the heavy goods trucks carrying the timber can encounter heavy traffic in case their movement coincides with the hours when parents are picking or dropping their kids at school. Such heavy traffic during those hours can cause you to incur a higher cost due to the greater amount of fuel that the delivery trucks use in that stop-and-go traffic. Placing your order early can allow the truckers to move your consignment at the most convenient hours so that you avoid those added fuel charges.

Vehicle Movement Restrictions

Another key benefit of placing your order early is that the timber delivery company can restrict how frequently the heavy trucks move on your access roads to avoid damaging the roads. Moving fewer trucks on the road each day may be less damaging than moving numerous trucks on the same sections of the road on a given day. The intervals between fewer truck movements allow the road to recover from the impact of the previous heavy load. For example, compacted soil can reabsorb moisture and regain its original weight-bearing capacity just before other trucks move on it the next day. In this way, the access roads will sustain minimal damage during the delivery of the large consignment of timber.

Work with your contractor to develop timelines when the needed materials need to be at the construction site. In this way, you will be in a position to give the timber delivery company sufficient time to facilitate the delivery of your consignment without damaging the environment or inconveniencing other road users unnecessarily.

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