Getting the Most Out of Repainting a Pub

Like any business property, a pub needs repainting from time to time to keep it fresh and professional-looking. With this unique type of business, however, there are some specific things to think about when it comes to decorating.

When you tailor your painting plans to the needs of your business, you can increase the paintwork's resistance and suitability, and maybe even give a little boost to your profits. Next time you're planning to have your pub painted, take these tips into account and get the most out of your new paint.

Clean off graffiti

An unfortunate part of running a pub is drunk people. While the majority of pub customers are happy to have a few drinks and a good time without getting up to mischief, there are always those who find themselves unable to behave. Unfortunately, this makes pubs targets for minor acts of vandalism, often in the form of graffiti.

Before the painting work begins, take the time to thoroughly clean off any graffiti. In pubs, people often use permanent marker pens, and the ink should come off with a bit of scrubbing. If you have trouble, you might need to resort to sanding it off.

Pick powerful colours

When you choose the colours for your pub, you should try and strike a balance between those which represent your image and create the atmosphere you want with the psychological effect they have.

Shades of red are a good choice because they create a warm, comforting environment and are also said to stimulate the appetite. That's useful if you serve food in your pub. Red also makes people feel like time is moving a little slower, so they're likely to spend more time with you, which means more money, too. In general, warmer colours work best, and cooler colours can be off-putting, which doesn't lead to comfortable customers.

Choose the right finish

In pubs, drinks get spilt, and people aren't always careful. Choose a paint that dries to an easy-clean surface, so you get sticky dry drink stains off more easily. It will make your cleaning tasks much quicker and more pleasant.

Plan carefully

Remember, repainting can be disruptive, and you might need to close the pub for a day or two while the paint dries, and the smell goes away. Book your painting work outside of busy days and times of the year, so your losses are minimised, and you don't have to turn away too many customers.

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