Choose a steel roof for maximum protection

If it is time to think about replacing the roof of your home then you may be trying to weigh up your options to make a decision between a galvanised steel roof, such as Colorbond roofing, and a more traditional tiled roof. You may think that tiled roofs are a more familiar sight, but a galvanised steel roof can offer many advantages; here are just a few of them.

A long lasting roof

Replacing a roof isn't something you want to do every year so it is important to choose a roofing material that is durable and will offer a long service life. Tiled roofs can last for a while but not as long as a steel roof. Installing a galvanised steel roof will get you a roof that not only offers the best possible protection against rainstorms, strong winds and other inclement weather, but your installation will also provide a roof that is both crack and corrosion resistant. While a traditional roof may eventually crack, peel or chip, galvanised steel roofing will not do so because of the zincalume base fitted to each roof. Steel is also both termite-proof and fire-proof, meaning your roof and guttering will only require a periodic inspection to provide you with complete peace of mind.

A roof that is both functional and attractive

There are sometimes in life when you need to make a choice between a great looking product and a great functioning product, but with a galvanised steel roof you don't have to choose. A steel roof can be shaped in a range of ways, you could opt for a flat roof, or you could place the roof peaks in places that suit you. A steel roof is also energy efficient, as it saves you money by repelling the heat during the hot weather and trapping it inside during the cooling months. These functional benefits are great but the advantages don't stop there. A galvanised steel roof actually helps your home look great. You can purchase a steel roof in a colour of your choice so you can match your roof with the rest of your property and create a co-ordinated exterior palate if you so desire.

Whether you opt for galvanised steel roofing or another style of steel roofing, you can be sure that your new steel roof will provide an attractive finish for your home, and that it will be protecting your property for many years into the future.

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