3 Instances You Never Knew You Need a Survey on Your Property

Most people think that land surveys are only necessary when buying or selling a piece of land. That's because, during the sales process, the buyer needs to know their boundary line for future development projects. However, when it comes to residential property, surveys are not only necessary when buying land. There are several other instances that hiring a land surveyor could protect your investment and save you from exhausting court battles with your neighbours. This article will address some of those instances that you need a land survey.

Before installing a fence

Unless you know for sure where your boundary line lies, it would be unwise to install a fence without carrying out a survey. Most people build a fence to enclose their property; therefore, the structure usually lies on the boundary line. However, what if you found out after the installation that the fence is on your neighbour's land? Think about the cost of pulling it down or even being dragged to court for violating property boundary regulations. So, before you start designing your new fence or digging a foundation for it, ask a surveyor to outline your boundary line so that you don't exceed it during the installation.

When your neighbour is building near the boundary

Is your neighbour putting up a fence, shed, retaining wall or any other structure near what you believe is the boundary line? If so, it would be a good idea to have a survey, especially if you are not sure whether the actual boundary lies. Failure to do so can lead to encroachment issues where your neighbour's structure eats into part of the property that you have paid for. Carrying out a survey beforehand will avoid future disputed once the structure has already been built. It would be suitable to talk t your neighbour before carrying out the survey so that they can understand your reasons for inviting a surveyor.

If you haven't surveyed for years

When is the last time you had a property survey? If you have lived on a piece of land for decades, it is likely that you haven't had the land boundaries marked recently. The problem with this is that the techniques used in the past were not accurate. Today, surveyors used sophisticated equipment and GPS to measure land and determine its owner. So, if you end up developing the property without having a survey, this mistake can cost you in the future. Carry out another survey so that you can legally justify ownership of your property.

Contact a land surveyor who can survey your property using the latest techniques and equipment, and help you identify your legal boundary lines.

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