2 solutions for those whose windows are affected by their home's damp problem

If your home is very damp and you have not yet found a way to fully resolve this problem, you may find that the dampness affects the condition of your windows. If this is the case, you might find the following advice to be helpful.

1. Consider fitting vented windows 

If the damp problem in your property has left your window panes dripping with condensation and the window frames covered in mould, then it might be worth replacing the existing windows with vented ones, made by a reputable brand.

As the name itself suggests, a vented window is one which features a row of vents at the base or the top of the window. The tiny openings between these vents allow a little bit of air to pass through the window. This helps to reduce the amount of moisture in the air, without causing excessive amounts of energy from your home's HVAC system to be lost.

Due to the small size of the gaps between the vents, there is almost no risk of rainwater seeping through them during periods of heavy rain. As such, it is usually safe to keep them open all year round. If you decide to fit vented windows, it is important to choose ones made by a well-known brand; if you select vented windows made by an 'economy' brand instead, the vents will probably be made from low-quality materials that will break very easily if they are accidentally hit with an object.

2. Manage condensation with a dehumidifier and a squeegee

If it will be a few weeks or months before you can have the vented windows installed, there are some short-term ways to manage the impact that the dampness in your home has on your windows. You can, for example, use a squeegee to manually remove the water droplets from the windows every day. Removing this moisture will reduce the speed with which the mould spores grow around the window frames and help to improve the appearance of the saturated glass panes.

Additionally, you can run a dehumidifier close to the windows that are badly affected by the damp. This will draw the moisture out of the air before it settles on the window panes. However, this piece of equipment can make your electricity bills quite high and needs to have its water collection tray emptied on a regular basis. As such, it should only be used as a short-term measure to protect your windows from becoming excessively mouldy and wet.

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