Upgrades to Consider for Your Marina Business

If you have recently purchased a marina that you want to use for clients rather than for warehouse and shipping uses, you may be facing contractor needs. Your list of things to have done will likely consist of upgrades to the docks and structure itself. Though these will need to be done, especially if the marina has been left sitting for a long time, there are some other upgrades to consider. Here are a few uncommon upgrades to ask your commercial marine contractors to handle. These upgrades are designed to provide more comfort for your clients during their stay, especially if they will be staying on their boat for a few weeks to a season for business needs.

Full Solar Power Backup

One of the worst things that can happen to your marina, and the occupants, during a storm is for the power to go out. What can make that even worse is if the power is out for several days due to a storm. If this is a situation your marina faces more than once per year, you may want to consider a full solar power backup option. The solar panels can be placed and installed by your marine contractors without taking a loss to the curb appeal of the marina or the functionality of it. You can also have this setup to provide service to all of  your marina occupants on their boats as well as throughout the marina construction itself. Keep in mind, you may also want to encourage your clients to use solar chargers on their boats as well and offer charging stations for those solar units.

Personal Services Building

A personal services building is a construction that you may not see the need for until you hear the benefits. This services building is designed to offer on-site features for your clients. These features can include a laundry area, small cafe, a simple grocery store, and a business lounge. The business lounge can house a computer and internet cafe as well as faxing service, scanning, coping, and other business-related services that otherwise your clients would have to leave the marina to find.

On-site Bathing and Gym

Two needs that many boat dwellers have, especially clients that would be using your marina during peak seasons, are showers and a gym. By having an on-site bathing house and gym option, you can reach more clients for your marina. This means increasing your business, offering a more comfortable perk to using your marina and giving your clients a bit more attention than simply offering a place for them to dock their boats.

These are just a few of the upgrades to consider for your marina business. If you like any of these ideas, or feel they may work well for your needs, contact your local commercial marine contractors. They can work with you on the ideas and offer more upgrades that may work well for you.

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